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  • How are your seed paper cards made & how long will they last before planting?
    Jill+Jack Paper greeting cards are made in Canada using only recycled content with wildflower seeds embedded within the paper itself. The paper is 'tree-free' meaning it's made from post-consumer, post-industrial paper collected fromoffices and schools. The cards include an illustration by Jill on the front, blank inside, planting instructions on the back. The paper is made by Botanical Paper Works. The plantable seed paper contains the highest-quality mix of wildflower seeds. The seeds are tested for purity and meet the high standards of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The wildflower seed blend in plantable paper includes: Bird's Eye - Annual, Clarkia - Annual, Black Eyed Susan - Perennial, Catchfly - Annual, Snapdragon - AnnualSweet Alyssum - Annual. Because the seed paper is made by hand, there may be a slight variation in the thickness from sheet to sheet. Due to the post-consumer waste fiber content, a slight variation in the shade of the paper may also occur. For best germination results, seed paper should be planted within 2 years. It will still grow beyond that, but the germination rates will decline after that period. Store in a cool, dry place, to preserve the germination rates as long as possible.
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